The epitome of unique yet heavy music; Vulgar was born in 2012 backstage at Chicago’s own Metro, with members of The Infamous and Dconnect having shared many stages and having a mutual respect, “Vulgar” Vic Pedraza decided to amalgamate their sounds to produce a truly distinct flavor, helping Vulgar to be recognized as a cut above the masses of Chicago’s heavy music scene.

Skilled musicianship lead by Sam Mustafalick and Paul Kratke sharing guitar duties while Kevin Munster on Bass and “Vulgar” Vic Pedraza on drums hold down the blistering rhythm section presenting a vast canvas for Joe Tedesco to paint vocally, emitting fresh and barrier breaking songs with equal parts hook and heavy.

These veterans are truly versatile musicians and have collectively shared stages with major influences in numerous genres of today’s music ranging from Disturbed to Ted Nugent and from Green Day to GWAR. Vulgar has enlisted the aid of some of the biggest names in the industry to capture their true vibe in the studio, with Matt Mercado at the helm producing and Roger Liam (who compared them to a young PANTERA) putting all the finishing touches on
their latest release (self-titled “VULGAR”). All the while gaining the respect of their peers and
the admiration of their fans! Catch Vulgar live to truly witness the Vulgar Phenomenon!

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